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Bi.Elle: from the project to the finished product

For a few years the activity of Bi.Elle has been totally oriented towards the development and the distribution of ovens, machines and microwave industrial systems in all marketable fields. In order to promote this development, in such a field like that of microwave technology, in which few industrial installations exist, Bi.Elle has built, only in Europe, an EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY, in which it is possible, in the PILOT SYSTEMS, to test and to check all the advantages of such a technology. From the experimentation to the planning, from the production to the completely finished installation, from the test to the post-sale customer service, Bi.Elle builds ovens, machines and microwave industrial systems according to every customer's specifical needs.

We take care of the entire production cycle



We test and check the requested products and microwave treatments, in order to offer innovative and personalized solutions to every customer's needs.



We carry out hi-tech projects, which are equipped with all the necessary safety devices to satisfy the more exacting and strict international norms.

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We build our products in a specifical department, which is equipped with the most up-to-date mechanical and electronic technologies and every component is accurately tested.


We carry out the assemblage of all the mechanical, the electrical and elctronical parts for the management and control of our machines and systems.


We carry out the installation with our specialised staff in order to guarantee those qualitative standards that make us one of the first and most efficient international microwave producers.

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