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Bi.Elle: technology patented for the industry needs

The term �microwave� is used to define the electromagnetic frequency waves between 300 MHz and 300 GHz that correspond to wavelengths between 1 m and 1 milimeter. Microwaves are not only suitable for radar applications but nowadays they are of fundamental importance for telecommunications, in particular for what concerns mobile phone communications. The idea to use the microwaves to warm up materials encounters its first trade performance in the �50s. This technology was quickly adopted in several productive departments as a particularly effective and fast means of heating. As a matter of fact the microwave heating in the materials industrial treatment remains an unusual technology, because of the technical problems coming out from the different applications, such as in particular the homogeneous power distribution inside of the treatment rooms. The Bi.Elle technology, broadly PATENTED, allows to overcome these technological limits, and by means of proper innovative solutions and particular conformations of the treatment rooms, the microwave power is conveyed and distributed in a homogeneous way in the application zone and allows a homogeneous materials warming up, either with continuous work-cycles or intermittent ones.




In the picture: Microwaves, conventional subdivision of the electromagnetic waves

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